A LGBTQ Friendly Rehab Facility in Oceanside, CA

By  May 12,2019

We’re LGBTQ Friendly. That’s part of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the foundation of our substance abuse rehabilitation facility. That means we infuse the Mindfulness philosophy in every aspect of our company. Being dedicated to Mindfulness also means being accepting of people. All people. And it’s important to make a specific statement of support for our LGBTQ friends, families and patients. This is not just a set of corporate words. It’s what we believe. 

Our Mission:

Our mission and our lives are dedicated to providing compassionate and lasting addiction relief that is congruent with our patients’ beliefs, tastes, viewpoints and sexual identities, no matter what they are. More importantly, we are dedicated to treating every human being with dignity.

We Are a Woman-Owned Business:

As a woman-owned business, and one that embraces the Mindful approach to substance abuse recovery, we are dedicated to offering a safe, protective environment that is open to everyone.

Our Commitment:

This is our commitment to all members of the LGBTQ community who are seeking help and guidance in their journey to a better, more Mindful life that is free of addictions. From now and into the future.

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