Olfactory Therapy, Stress Reduction And Substance Abuse Recovery

By  Dec 20,2018

Think about what happens when you smell a flower. First, it’s a pleasant fragrance. Next, your mind is suddenly calmed and centered. You focus on the whole experience, which includes sight, touch, sounds and memories. You’re living in the moment. And you’ve just experienced the power of Olfactory Therapy.

Olfactory Therapy, Engaging All The Senses and The Mindful Recovery

An important part of recovery is the reconnection to your senses. During your substance abuse life, you’ve severed the connections to the world in order to deal with it. Now, it’s our job to reeducate you on how to use your senses once again. The olfactory sense is very focused on reality. You smell. You remember. And then you reconnect.

A Part of The Process For Reconnection To Your World

It’s a simple step. Smelling a flower. But one of the side effects of substance addiction in drugs and alcohol is the loss of the sense of smell. By making Olfactory Therapy a part of your recovery, we can provide you with those small, easy and pleasant steps to a full recovery.

Today’s A Good Day To Smell The Roses And Start Your Healing Process

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