Surfing and Recovery. A New Technique For a Balanced And Sober Life.

By  Jan 02,2019

Surfing is just like life. You face all sorts of requirements to become proficient. Preparation, planning, transportation, equipment maintenance, and of course the on-the-water skills necessary to become a good surfer and enjoy the experience. All the activities that are perfect for using in a substance abuse recovery program.

Being Prepared. On The Water And In Life.

Preparation is important to be a good surfer. And if you are in a customized substance abuse recovery program, the lessons learned in surfer are perfect for applying to the rest of your life.

Everybody Gets Rusty From Lack Of Use. It’s Time To Brush Off That Rust And Start Enjoying Life.

We all get rusty with all sorts of life skills. Whether it’s making a phone call to a friend, or writing an mail for a potential job. If you’ve been struggling with an addiction problem, those life skills will get rustier than normal. That’s why important to relearn the skills. And what better way to relearn those skills than with something you love. Whether it’s surfing, hiking, needlepoint or playing chess, we can customize this type of life rehabilitation into your recovery program.

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