Oceanside’s unique intensive outpatient treatment center and rehabilitation recovery facility for drug & alcohol addiction and mental health.
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Introducing The Mindful Rejuvenation Inc. Method™. Offered in a comfortable outpatient environment in beautiful Oceanside, CA, the Mindful Rejuvenation Method is a totally new way to rehab by treating drug and alcohol addictions in a Mindful way. Using this proprietary holistic intensive outpatient program, we can provide a customized treatment plan for individuals looking for a more effective and lasting solution. By performing a dual diagnosis of our clients, we treat the addiction and the causes of addiction, also known as co-occurring disorders. We treat the whole you. Not just your symptoms, but the underlying causes of your addiction as well.

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Mindful Rejuvenation combines essential professional disciplines which include licensed professionals, psychiatrists, life coaches, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, nutritionists and occupational therapists. All working together with a Mindful philosophy for recovery. The Mindful Rejuvenation Method breaks the repetitive addiction cycle with lasting, life-improving results and provides more meaningful treatments for loved ones with substance abuse and mental health issues.


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"Treatment is complicated, there is not a set formula that treats every person. We believe that each person is in a different stage in life and in order to give effective treatment we need to be able to adjust to them .
Mindful Rejuvenation is breaking the mold for substance addiction recovery and mental health treatments."

Dr. Sanjai Thankachen

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